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An I Ching Reading with Fred Hatt

An I Ching Reading with Fred Hatt

One of our most important episodes so far: the I Ching or, how to work with the Oracle, with our guest Fred Hatt. 

We learn about this historical importance of this ancient Chinese book of divination, how it influenced mathematicians and artists of the West, and how it can make your life better right now.

After Fred explains about the I Ching, join us for a reading where he asks a question for these times. If you know the I Ching, you’ll be surprised by the power of the answer.


Essays & Resources: 


“The Uncertainty Machine” 

Fred says, “an excellent essay, very close to my own understanding of the essence of the work.” 


“What Is the I Ching?” 

An introduction to I Ching and a comparative view of two of the best modern translations. 


The Virtual Yarrow Stalks page 

Lots of resources here, particularly the link to 44 different translations of the I Ching. 


I Ching with Clarity 

Resources from a diviner's perspective and a good place for getting started. 


The I Ching on the Net 

A large collection of I Ching-related websites. 


Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon 

An online tool for questioning the Oracle. 


Important Editions of the I Ching: 


  • Wilhelm/Baynes classic Confucian interpretation

  • Hatcher's site has the most extensive collection of translations of the names of the 64 hexagrams: 

His downloadable word-by-word literal translation of the core text that is very helpful: 

  •  Ritsema and Karcher's several more psychological versions 

(quite interesting, in a different way, going deep into the psychological aspects of all the words and images) 

  • David Hinton's poetic reading 

  •  John Minford's scholarly study 

  •  A survey of English editions: 


Fred’s Art: 



(a poetry blog): 

  Fred Hatt on Instagram: 


Newsletter subscription: 


Fred using yarrow stalks for an I Ching reading: 

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