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Kyle Boyar on Cannabis Testing

Kyle Boyar on Cannabis Testing

Today’s interview happened while Kyle Boyar worked for Medicinal Genomics, the cannabis kit testing company working to democratize cannabis testing. They sell kits to identify your plants’ gender, as well as good and bad microbes. Kyle Boyar explains the science behind the tests, the intricacies of cannabis genetics and microbiota, and the daily life of a cannabis scientist. 


Medicinal Genomics & research: 


Cannabis microbiome sequencing reveals several mycotoxic fungi native to dispensary grade Cannabis flowers 


Metagenomic analysis of medicinal Cannabis samples; pathogenic bacteria, toxigenic fungi, and beneficial microbes grow in culture-based yeast and mold tests 


American Chemical Society's Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision (CANN):   

Cannabis Science and Chemistry: 


For applying to the ElSohly Award: 

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