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Season 1 Finale: Lex & The Moby-Dick Pot Books

Season 1 Finale: Lex & The Moby-Dick Pot Books

After a brief recap of Season 1, Lex will share about the trip that led him to writing his cannabinoid graphic novels based on Moby-Dick. 

“Call me Jasper.” And then he’ll walk us through the first 50 chapters – which covers the Amerikan history from the Golden Age of Cannabis after the Civil War up until the approval of Prop 215 in California legalized medical marijuana. 


You can read the first two books for free on his site: 


He’s hard at work on the next chapters, so for updates, sign up for his No Nonsense Club at the bottom of the page. 

“For I tell ye, the sperm whale will stand no nonsense!” 


Matt Payne’s site: 


Brendan Cleak’s site: 

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The Lex Files
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