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Veterans, Plant Medicines and the War on Drugs with Ian Benouis

Veterans, Plant Medicines and the War on Drugs with Ian Benouis

When a soldier brings back trauma from the battlefield, there’s no single reliable way to help them integrate back into society. Everybody needs a different approach. For Ian Benouis, he rediscovered the power of plant medicines after his exit from the military and as he was working his way through law school. It led him on a path to introduce other veterans to plant medicines by organizing trips for them and as a lawyer activist working with a number of plant medicine organizations and churches.   

 Ian experienced the War on Drugs firsthand, from his childhood in Hawaii to his participation in the largest anti-drug military mission in Panama. He shares today about what he learned about the War on Drugs, the power of plant medicines and how he’s trying to bridge the gaps that separate people from each other and from healing.  




His site:  


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The movie about his work: ‘Soldiers of the Vine’  

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