First new proposed cannabis law is on gun rights + US Virgin Islands does it right
CT eschews strain names + AZ slightly less bad for pregnant women & SD slightly worse
the hazards of working in the cannabis industry
Congress spikes the football + FDA goes after CBD in food

December 2022

NYC crackdowns on unlicensed sellers while the NYPD plants drugs
Marijuana Research Bill passes! Britney Griner comes home!
US produces 48M pounds of cannabis!

November 2022

Guess who Indian police blame for a missing half ton of cannabis?
cannabis research bill goes to the Prez + EU fingerpointing on CBD
MD & MO go legal + FDA sez no CBD for COVID claims + 2 bad EU cannabis rulings
Big votes today on cannabis legalization + abhorrent immigration decision because of cannabis use

October 2022

Cannabis to be sold at Circle K in Florida while Hong Kong & Brazil crack down on CBD